So, you found me, eh? Are you here to silence me? Going to try to brainwash me, make me forget what I saw? Or maybe they've gotten tired, and are ready to put a bullet it my head. I'm surprised they haven't tried sooner, honestly. I will warn you, I haven't survived this long by being an easy target. You aren't the first they've sent, and you won't be the last, my friend.

... Oh, you're here for the recipes? Forget what I just said, ha ha, it was a joke. A joke, you understand? Just forget I said anything. I'm surprised you're here, honestly, most people seem to be put off by me. I have no idea why, I think I'm pretty personable. You think I'm personable too, right?

Anyways, enjoy your stay! I hope you find something that catches your eye; these recipes are all very meaningful to me. I hope they can make you as happy as they have made me. And again, just forget what I said, you understand? People who get too nosey don't tend to last around here...

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